Memorial Day Weekend Vlog: Flagstaff AZ

I have a YouTube channel! It seems crazy to say that because speaking is totally not my thing so I always considered video to be off limits for me personally. Pushing my fears aside I’m excited about this new venture! I’ll post all of my videos on YouTube but also here on the blog so you only have to check one place.

Here’s our first travel blog, not very good but I have faith I’ll get the hang of it eventually!

Celebrate Carlsbad Day With Legoland

One of our favorite cities to visit as a family has their very own special day and one of our favorite theme parks is joining in on the fun. Basically it’s another reminder that I don’t live in SoCal but desperately need to!


Men’s Style Guide: The Spring Accessory To Watch Out For

Accessorizing in the Springtime is the perfect wake up from the winter chills and it isn’t just for the ladies! Men have so many options when it comes to sprucing up their wardrobe as the weather heats up and I’m here to talk about our new favorite, a watch made of wood from Jord Watches


Thanksgiving Fun + Gift Card Giveaway


Isn’t this the best time of the year?! Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday makes me one very happy shopper.


When One Door Closes

Sometimes you have to sit down, pray it out, and know when enough is enough. Some might see it as quitting, some might see it as giving up, but I don’t like those people. There is nothing wrong with recognizing when it’s time to move on and start a new chapter to your life. I’ve been silent on the blog for a long time and here’s why.


An Emotional Weekend Made Better


August 5, 2016 we should have been welcoming our baby into the world. We should have been feeling all the love and joy in the world but instead, I was feeling empty and frustrated. I lost this baby in January and haven’t been the same since. Paul knew that this was going to be a rollercoaster weekend for me so he worked up some spontaneous travel plans.


A Simple Art Display Wall For Your Kids


Like most parents, we have a huge accumulation of “art projects” from our little nugget and I may or may not have a hoarding problem. I just can’t bring myself to throw out anything that has to do with Savannah! As always, I took our growing problem to my one true love, Pinterest, for a solution and this is what I found. May the art projects stop flowing at some point.


On The Road Again

Apologies for the lack communication lately. I needed some space and time alone to process everything that has happened. This post contains a sensitive subject and might be very TMI so please skip over if you’d rather not read about loss.


A Long Overdue Update


I apologize for being MIA for so long! Writing these updates can sometimes be hard because one day I’m so excited and the next day it could be all over, you just never know what’s going on with IVF. Now that I have plenty to tell you, here is your long overdue update.


Stork OTC + Giveaway


Are you facing infertility challenges and are looking for a cheap and non-invasive solution? Meet the Stork OTC Conception Aid brought to you by Rinovum Women’s Health!