Month: December 2015

Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows Review
An arial view I found at

If you’re going to the Big Island of Hawai’i this is definitely a resort to check out! It’s a little ways from Kona and was actually our second choice. The Hilton was of course our first choice but during the week of Christmas, and with nine people, they just didn’t have the accommodations we were looking for. We were mainly in Hawai’i for my parents’ vow renewal and they wanted a relaxing and laid back vacation but at a resort that offered a ton of activities for the rest of us and the Mauna Lani definitely delivered! (more…)

Christmas In Hawaii

I mentioned over here that a somewhat new Christmas tradition for us is to travel for the week of Christmas. We all get a bunch of stuff throughout the year and now that we’re getting older we have realized that the holiday season can be about so much more than the junk in wrapping paper. (more…)

Christmas Traditions

Growing up, my family was always pretty big on traditions. You know, the things we do every year no matter what. Over time the family has added some new traditions to our list and my little family with Paul and Savannah has added a new one as well. (more…)

Progesterone In Oil

These things are what nightmares are made of!
These things are what nightmares are made of!

After finding out that the Endometrin was irritating my cervix and causing me to bleed I decided I needed a different form of progesterone. Now every night I get these lovely progesterone in oil injections and this is what they look like. (more…)

OB Ultrasound #1

Our little peanut steadily growing!
Our little peanut steadily growing!
I was sure it would be too early to hear the heartbeat but we got a delightful surprise!
I was sure it would be too early to hear the heartbeat but we got a delightful surprise!

Paul and I went to Dr. Fisch’s office for our first OB ultrasound on December 17th. At 6 weeks and 6 days I was feeling every early pregnancy symptom and had no doubts as to what we would see but Paul was still pretty nervous. He sat next to me while my legs were up in the air, something that is still so weird to me! (more…)

Super Easy Pasta Pesto

This recipe is fast, easy, and cheap! Plus it makes for great leftovers.
This recipe is fast, easy, and cheap! Plus it makes for great leftovers.

We love eating pasta when I’m feeling a little lazy in the kitchen or I’m looking for something cheap to mix in the week’s menu. Lately however, any type of red sauce has made me really sick so I’m discovering my love of a good basil pesto sauce! You can choose to homemake it, which would taste a bit better, but I went the lazy route and picked up a jar of it at my local Vons. (more…)

Beta #2

Between beta #1 and beta #2 I bleed every single day and have the worst cramps I have ever had. I’m completely miserable but trying to not let it show. One day I even decide to take another home pregnancy test just to check. It was a much stronger positive but I still felt like something was wrong. (more…)

Beta #1

November 24th is finally here! I got a super faint positive on a home pregnancy test but have continued to bleed. I’m excited but also really nervous about the results, especially since I’ll be receiving the results while I’m at work. (more…)

Hope For Baby

Our "Hope For All" card from church.
Our “Hope For All” card from church.

At church we’re going through a series called “Hope For All.” Basically it’s all about how through God we can find hope. It seemed the perfect series to go through during the holiday season but it was especially meaningful for Paul and I as we go through our IVF journey. (more…)

Breaking The Rules

During your waiting period before the beta test you’re not really supposed to take a home pregnancy test. The trigger shot could give you a false positive or you could be testing really early, giving you a false negative. Well, I’m a rule breaker. Oops.  (more…)