Month: December 2015

Our Not So 2WW

If infertility is new to you, 2ww means the dreaded two week wait. This is the period of time after your embryo transfer in which you’re stuck just sitting around for two whole weeks! After that time comes your beta, which is the blood test to check out your HCG level. Luckily for us as it turns out, Dr. Fisch doesn’t do the actual two weeks of waiting! (more…)

Cheeseburger Pasta

If it isn't paired with rice, I love to pair with a simple spinach salad!
If it isn’t paired with rice, I love to pair with a simple spinach salad!

If Savannah had her way we would be eating macaroni and cheese every single night. Macaroni and cheese is her absolute favorite. Actually, anything with cheese is her favorite. (A child after my own heart!) I love this dish because it’s so simple to make and it’s also very cheap. (more…)

Embryo Transfer

Our first baby picture
Our first baby picture!

November 18th we do a five day transfer of one beautiful blastocyst that is already hatching! This is such a magical moment for us. Most couples find out they’re pregnant weeks after it actually happened but we get to watch on a TV monitor the exact moment this little one enters into my uterus and get this first baby picture. (more…)

The Update Phone Calls

Monday November 16th rolls around and I get my update phone call bright and early. Over the weekend we had two late bloomers start to grow so now we have a total of 10 embabies steadily growing! I like to say that those two take after their dad but they’re actually more like me. You should see me trying to get out of bed every morning! Let’s just say.. It’s a process. Of those 10 little embryos, Dr. Fisch tells me that six of them are “looking perfect” and I’m scheduled for a five day transfer on Wednesday November 18th!

The morning of the 18th I get another update call. There are only four embryos still growing. (more…)

Egg Retrieval

November 13, 2015: Egg retrieval day! We’re doing this with the help of conscious sedation, which is totally amazing. Just like a really comfortable nap! I fall asleep thinking of beautiful babies and Paul goes to the “Man Cave” to do his business again. (more…)