Month: January 2016

Chicken And Sweet Potato Breakfast Bake

Pesto Chicken And Sweet Potato Breakfast Bake

I actually made this for dinner one night so I could get Paul’s opinion. He goes to work so early in the morning that his breakfast usually includes a Starbucks coffee and nothing else. He loved it and turns out, it makes great leftovers for breakfast the next day! (more…)

Weekend Road Trip

I have been in quite an emotional “funk” (as Paul likes to put it) since everything happened. (You can read all about those adventures over HERE.) I just couldn’t shake the depression cloud that was completely consuming me. Being the caring man that he is, Paul decided I needed to get out of town for the weekend. (more…)

Jitter Gitters Review

Jitter Gitters

**Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own and I would never promote a product I would not buy for myself.**

My mom has always told me that I was the perfect first child. As a baby I would be completely happy just hanging out in my swing all day. As a toddler I was super mellow and could watch the same movie on repeat the entire day. (That movie was Lion King by the way.) Savannah however, is absolutely not that type of child! (more…)

Frozen On Ice 2016 Review

The view from our seats without zooming.
The view from our seats without zooming.

After having the D&C on Thursday, I really didn’t want to be out in public, much less at a Frozen On Ice show! But we got these tickets as one of Savannah’s Christmas presents and she was really excited. So Paul and I took little Savvy this past weekend and a friend and her daughter came with us. (more…)

Skillet Gnocchi With Spinach And White Beans

Love these little mystery things!
Love these little mystery things!

I thought gnocchi was some type of potato but I found it next to the boxed spaghetti so… Yeah, I don’t know. I love these little things but have never tried making them myself until now. (more…)


Thursday afternoon Paul and I went back to Dr. Fisch’s office for our D&C. I tired to work that day but really just cried on and off in my office. I do accounting which is depressing enough as it is.  (more…)

Dealing With Loss

I wrote down in my planner that I was going to write a follow up post after seeing Dr. Adashek about our weird band thing going on. I was happily planning out how to write that nothing is wrong and that I was being silly for worrying so much. But our day went quite differently. (more…)

Baby Troubles

We had our second and final ultrasound with our infertility doctor, Dr. Fisch. We went in feeling excited to see our developing baby. The vag-cam is put into place and we see more than we were expecting. (more…)