Month: February 2016

A Perfectly Pink Face Mask

I can never do things like a normal person, even when making new year resolutions. I like to give myself a 2-3 month trial period to test the waters of a new year before committing to a resolution that, let’s face it, I will forget about come July. For 2016 my resolution will be in full swing at the start of March. Better late than never, right?


Post D&C Appointment

Have you ever looked forward to an event as if it were Christmas day? Have you ever been so distraught over having to go somewhere that you would rather be in close proximity to a spider? (I’m terrified of pretty much all bugs.) I felt these things all at once when having to face our post D&C appointment with Dr. Fisch.  (more…)

A Perfectly Posh Review

Perfectly Posh
Yes, we opened the box upside down. You could say this is an upside down type of house!

Random fact about me: I rarely stick to the same products with the exception of my face moisturizer. New and different things are my favorite type of things. I stumbled upon this Perfectly Posh thing and am here to give a little review. (more…)

There Once Was A Girl..

Crazy people writing open letters and posting them all over the place seems to be the thing to do and I seem to be crazy so here we go. Here’s my take on an open letter.. (more…)

Feeling Like A Bitter Old Hag

Okay not really but pretty darn close! We are only on the first week of February and 2016 is already shaping up to be the most difficult. But life is all about finding light in the darkness, right? (more…)