Month: April 2016

Backyard Carnival Birthday For A 3 Year Old


Little Savvy might very well be the only child I have and going through the toddler stage of life is something I want to enjoy before it’s gone. I take birthdays pretty seriously but for this one I opted for a bit of an over-the-top approach.


And That’s A Wrap

The final beta test results are in.


Another Day, Another Beta

Some people get strong feelings and they somehow know what is to come. It doesn’t happen often for me but when I feel a certain way I normally turn out to be spot on. I typically love being right, about everything, but not this time.


A Second Chance

Do you ever make a list of things to get done and you start out your day with expectations of productivity? Then you tell yourself you are only laying down for 30 minutes and 5 hours later, you awake at having accomplished nothing. This is how my Wednesday went. (more…)

Backyard Carnival Birthday Invitations

Celebrating a birthday is important to me, not mine but other people’s. Life never guarantees how many you’ll get to celebrate. For my one and only baby girl I of course had to go over the top for a significant age change. (more…)

Another Step

Do you ever feel like you’re running an endless marathon? Or maybe every time something gets checked off the to-do list two more things get added? That has been me lately so the blog has been a bit behind on posts but without further ado, here is a short FET update! (more…)