These things are what nightmares are made of!
These things are what nightmares are made of!

After finding out that the Endometrin was irritating my cervix and causing me to bleed I decided I needed a different form of progesterone. Now every night I get these lovely progesterone in oil injections and this is what they look like.

These things are the Devil’s creation I swear. The syringe starts out with the pink tip that you see on the top. The oil is so thick that it can’t come out of the vial with the thinner needle. While I’m icing myself Paul uses the thicker needle to draw 1 unit of oil out and then has to change out the needles.

This is an inter-muscular injection so I can either take it in the top of my thigh or the top outer side of a butt check. I opted for my booty because there is just no way that my thigh is squishy enough for this thing! So every night I ice part of my butt cheek (we alternate sides) and Paul does my injection for me. Some nights it isn’t too painful but there are those times that I’m making all sorts of noise because holy cow this hurts!

There was one night that I thought he hit my hip bone because as the needle was going in I felt this sudden sharp pain and my whole leg went numb. The next day I couldn’t even put weight on my leg because it hurt so bad. A co-worker told me Paul probably hit my sciatic nerve, awesome. I didn’t realize it was possible to do that!

I’m so tired of this process but December 30th is our final ultrasound with Dr. Fisch!! Then I can finally be released to my OB, which I haven’t even found yet..

What a very merry Christmas present to us!

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