I apologize for being MIA for so long! Writing these updates can sometimes be hard because one day I’m so excited and the next day it could be all over, you just never know what’s going on with IVF. Now that I have plenty to tell you, here is your long overdue update.

We left off finding out I have a protein s deficiency and the MTHFR heterozygous C677t gene mutation. Because MTHFR can sometimes lead to some serious issues I took Savannah to her pediatrician. Dr. Fisch doesn’t think MTHFR is a real thing and recommended extra folic acid to force my body to take it even though my body can’t process it. First time I have ever been disappointed in him to be honest. Savannah’s doctor confirmed that it is absolutely something to take seriously. I went to Dr. Fisch with all that I had learned and went at him relentlessly. Eventually I think he was annoyed with me and did some reading of his own. I got an email from him one day stating that as of 2014, new information says to avoid folic acid altogether. Moral of the story, you are always your own advocate and don’t just blindly listen to what your doctor has to say! Yes, medical professionals know more than we do but so many times they get stuck in “old fashioned” ways and are not keeping up with new medical information.

Friday June 17th we transferred our beautiful embryos. I don’t put much thought into the grade of the embryos because our first transfer was with the highest grade and it ended in a miscarriage. I firmly believe that a “low grade” embryo can still lead to a healthy baby. Not exactly sure what the letters are for these two but one is a five day and the other is a six day. If you remember from my previous posts, Dr. Fisch doesn’t make his patients wait the full two weeks like the majority of REs do and I’m so thankful for that but I still couldn’t help testing at only 4dp and I got a barely there positive. I still have this test sitting in my desk at work and I periodically check on it because well, IVF makes ya crazy.


First beta was Thursday June 23rd and we were looking for a number around 10. The one hour it takes to hear my results is the worst hour in this whole process! Dr. Fisch called me from his cell phone and my heart instantly sunk. Doctor calling the patient from his personal phone? Must be bad news. I was so thrilled to find that he was calling to congratulate me on a beautiful 44.8! Woo-hoo I’m pregnant!! Not the first time I’ve received a BFP but this is the highest first beta I’ve ever had. I asked Fisch if it’s an indication that I’m carrying twins and unfortunately he said you can’t always tell based off the beta numbers. I asked what we’re looking for the second beta to be and he said about 150 for a singleton and 270 for twins, but only possibly.

Second beta was Monday June 27th and again Dr. Fisch called me from his cell. Maybe I’m in the office so much that he feels close to Paul and I? Looking for at least 150 and I got a beautiful 226.2. A strong number but we won’t know how many baby Williams I’m carrying until the ultrasound, which is of course two weeks from the second beta. I suck at waiting.

I experienced one day of spotting that really freaked us out but have since been good. I have been experiencing a tiny bit of nausea but no vomiting this entire time. I have been pregnant a few times and every single time I was (sorry for the TMI) puking my brains out. This time feels so strange to me and if I hadn’t had a successful pregnancy once before I would swear the way I’m feeling is not pregnant. The only symptom I’m experiencing is fatigue, but not like the normal fatigue where you’re a little tired all day long. This is like complete exhaustion and I’m realizing that there are not enough hours in one day for all the sleep my body wants. My breasts are very heavy and tender and my belly is very swollen but I think these things are just coming from the high amount of progesterone I’m on. I’m hoping my lack of symptoms means I have a boy on board. (My mom was very sick with her two girls but not at all with her two boys. Maybe I’ll be so lucky!)

We asked Savannah before our transfer if she would want a brother or a sister and she said she wants one of each. I’m hoping that’s what we get but really I’m just praying for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby(ies). I’ll do a follow up post about the new medications I’m trying and what I did differently this time that I attribute my success with. Have a very happy and safe 4th of July and good luck on your own baby journey!

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