The IVF process has shown me that I have absolutely zero patience. Everyday spent not taking a pill or doing an injection feels like it drags on and on. I’m starting to sound like I have an addiction…

Paul and I finally had our appointment with the nurse to get our new schedule! I asked the hundreds of questions which is typical of my paranoid self. Most of my questions began with “I read that…” because I seriously live and breathe this stuff. There was one thing that the nurse told us that was a bit of a surprise. The majority of clinics have much better success rates with FET as compared to a fresh transfer. Our nurse told us that with them it’s about the same because their fresh transfer success rates are so high. Hmm, interesting. I was hoping for some crazy high success rate with this new process but okay.

To my dismay, every single one of my injections are inter muscular. So far I have three Estraidol (a form of estrogen) injections on the calendar. Tonight, Friday night, and next Tuesday night all at .3ml. Of course I’m also taking a folic acid pill every morning. I have blood work and an ultrasound this morning (yipee) and my second blood work/ultrasound appointment next Tuesday. PIO was also sent to me so I get that to look forward to as well eventually. So far I’m scheduled for an April 13th transfer.

Paul has a different working schedule this time around and won’t be home to do some of my injections. Tonight I’ll be breaking out the YouTube examples and having my sister do my first injection. I would totally do it myself but seeing as how I have to lay on my stomach and have my butt muscles relaxed, not sure I’m flexible enough. She has plans to go to nursing school so she can do Botox in addition to being an Esthetician so she’s the perfect person for the job. So thankful that we live close to so many family members or this thing would be going in the top of my thigh and, well… no thank you.



Anyone else have April transfers? Baby dust to everyone! xo

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