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Yes, we opened the box upside down. You could say this is an upside down type of house!

Random fact about me: I rarely stick to the same products with the exception of my face moisturizer. New and different things are my favorite type of things. I stumbled upon this Perfectly Posh thing and am here to give a little review.

I spend a good portion of my life on Instagram as I’m sure you could tell. It’s like a black hole that sucks you in and there’s no escape. Before you know it you’re 142 weeks into your second cousin’s best friend’s page. During a particularly long Instagram session one day, I came across this woman’s page that was all about this “life changing and miraculous” product that she was selling, which I was totally skeptical to but alas, I was sucked into a new thing.

I tried to find some helpful reviews on this stuff but nope. Just a bunch of consultants saying how awesome every single product is. Always on the hunt for juicy info to share with you all, about two months ago I decided to buy enough product for a somewhat decent review.

Savannah needs to be bribed to take a bath. Like, with something better than candy because that ain’t gonna cut it. Of course we try all sorts of different water toys and the crayon she is holding is her soap paint that convinced her to somewhat do one bath..once. A little before Christmas I found these dinosaur eggs at Walmart that are like a child’s version of a bath bomb. They dissolve and a dinosaur “hatches” from it. I put a bunch in Savannah’s stocking and she became obsessed. I loved them because they made her ask to take a bath but I hated them because they stained her skin weird colors. Luckily for me..

Perfectly Posh

Perfectly Posh makes completely natural bath bombs! There aren’t any dinosaurs hatching but the color doesn’t end up all over her skin. She still refers to them as her “eggs” and she actually asks to take a bath now. Not very often, but it’s better than nothing!

Perfectly Posh

They have a pretty varied selection of products and they’re all 100% natural. I try to pick foods that don’t have a ton of ingredients so why would I want to use products on the outside of my body that are highly processed with who knows what in it? Perfectly Posh says on their website that every product is under $25 which is totally my second favorite part!

Perfectly Posh

If you’re friends with me on Facebook you might have seen me complain about a particularly bad episode of eczema. Like, it sometimes hurts to bend my fingers because it starts to scab. It is so awful! This stuff isn’t completely making the eczema go away but it definitely alleviates  the itching and dryness of it. Less itching means less redness which makes for one happy Jessica!

Perfectly Posh

Through this little product test I discovered my love for coconut oil! When I got this little gem in the mail I contacted the woman I bought it from to complain that the bottle was rock hard. The thing was like a brick! I had no idea that true unaltered coconut oil is actually a solid until melted. It doesn’t take much to melt it, the warm air from my shower seems good enough. I use this to make my skin nice and velvety and also for my hair! I have terribly dry hair that gets very frizzy and full of static. Of course my roots get greasy super fast though. Lucky me. I use this coconut oil on my ends and make sure to wash it really well and my hair is left silky all day.

I totally love this stuff and even ordered a shaving cream for Paul! Of course, I got sucked in and am now a Consultant. They don’t offer product discounts for Consultants but I do make a commission on the products I purchase for myself. So in a way, I’m getting part of my money back which is why I decided to do it. If I make a little money on the side, then yippee!

You can check it all out right here!

And on a sort of side note: When I got my box in the mail I noticed that it was full of this weird looking shipping popcorn. Not the normal kind that is full of static and you can’t get rid of. The accompanying card stated this new type of shipping popcorn is made from corn starch. That means there won’t be any static and if if comes into contact with water it will melt! Of course that means even if this stuff ends up in a landfill it will eventually melt and should a child or pet put it in their mouth it will melt! Skeptical me tested it out, like in my own mouth, and yep it sure works! I’m weird, I know.



**Disclaimer: I’m a Consultant for Perfectly Posh so yes, if you choose to buy products from my site I will receive a commission from it. I was not a Consultant when I purchased products for review and certainly would not have become one if I did not genuinely like their products.**


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