August 5, 2016 we should have been welcoming our baby into the world. We should have been feeling all the love and joy in the world but instead, I was feeling empty and frustrated. I lost this baby in January and haven’t been the same since. Paul knew that this was going to be a rollercoaster weekend for me so he worked up some spontaneous travel plans.

If you’ve been reading along for a while you know that Paul and I have been going through the IVF adventure. The cliff notes version if you need it: Can’t have children because of Paul’s previous cancer, did IVF #1 and got a pregnancy, D&C needed because baby’s heart stops, his family turns out to be real peachy, IVF #2 results in nothing, IVF #3 gives us a pregnancy, natural miscarriage at home and I’m convinced I’m causing all of this. Basically I’m an emotional basket case on steroids. Check out the Infertility tab for all the details.

August 5th was our due date for our precious January baby so I had a rough weekend ahead of me but to my delight a certain someone had other plans. That morning I dropped Savannah off at summer camp and was on my way to work when Paul called and told me to pack for California. We’ve been on a steady roll of being in Southern California every month, something I’m thoroughly enjoying! I got to the office to help him pick out a hotel and we set off with Savvy and my parents later that afternoon.

We stayed at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in Downtown San Diego. Check out these pictures from their website!



This place is gorgeous and in the perfect location! Valet service is available and even though the lobby was very busy we were able to check into our two rooms fairly quickly. Check them outĀ at their website here.


In the morning we had breakfast at the super cute Lazy Hippo. It was a short walk from our hotel and we were able to get a table quickly. All of the tables are covered with paper and you’re given a cute glass of colored pencils. This was a nice touch as I didn’t have to break out Savannah’s tablet to keep her entertained while waiting for food.



The food was so delicious that Savannah ate her entire pancake plus some egg whites. If you’re in Downtown San Diego I definitely recommend checking out the Lazy Hippo for breakfast or brunch. Adorable decor, friendly and fast service, plus super tasty food.

We planned to take Savannah to her first ever baseball game and to kill some time we decided to check out the USS Midway. It’s a Naval ship turned museum that we have driven past a million times but have never stopped to check it out. Without a stroller we had limited time on the ship before Savannah needed a nap but we did manage to get in quite a bit. This was also walking distance from our hotel so we strolled over after breakfast.



Aboard the ship you can see just about every aspect of living on a Naval ship. The sleeping areas, kitchens, engine room, communications room, the flight deck even includes planes and helicopters. We saw a flight simulator that looked interesting but was not something for a three year old so we didn’t check it out. Even though it was pretty crowded Savannah had no problem walking along but we did see some other families with strollers so the ship is stroller friendly if you’re wondering.


My favorite part was getting to meet veterans that actually served on this giant ship and in front of their restored planes! To see someone that experienced a piece of history first hand is emotionally stirring. I would like to come back here without a child in tow to spend more time talking to the veterans on board.thumbnail_20160806_115530thumbnail_20160806_122040thumbnail_20160806_122044

Inside the ship has two fighter jet cockpits that kids can get into. On the flight deck are completely intact fighter jets that kids and adults can sit in. The lines for these are understandably long but there are benches nearby where the lines form. On the flight deck gets extremely hot, something we weren’t prepared for, so keep that in mind if you’re looking to go during the warmer months.


There was also a small cargo plane on the flight deck that was turned into an exhibit. You can walk through it and even sit in some of the seats.


Inside the communications room all of the knobs are available to twist and Savannah loved this part. The majority of people seemed to stick to the flight deck so we enjoyed some A/C time with very few people while we walked through the lower portions of the ship.


Savannah was too tired to walk back to the hotel so we grabbed two pedicabs (carts pulled by bicycle) and made it in time for a late lunch before nap time. We ate in the cafe at the lobby level of the hotel and look at this meal! I always love a restaurant with a good kids menu.



Petco stadium was also walking distance from the hotel and it made me realize how badly I want a condo in Downtown San Diego! I enjoy walking and was immensely happy that so much was in such a short distance. So short that even little Savvy could walk along with us! I will admit, after walking to the stadium I was worried how Savannah would behave at a baseball game. She surprised me by being a complete angel. We grabbed just about every type of snack offered at a baseball game, even some pulled pork sandwiches. Seats were cheap even though we were steps from the field and our team, the Padres, won. It was a fabulous day.


We checked out Sunday morning but there was no way my mom and I were going to leave California without making a beach stop!


We went to the beach that the Hotel Del Coronado sits on. I hadn’t been to Coronado Island since I was a kid and I forgot how charming it is. I wanted to live in just about every adorable little beach cottage we passed and was very impressed with the Hotel Del. We decided we’ll actually be staying there in October for Paul’s birthday so keep an eye out for that post!


The closer I get to turning 25 the more aware I am of taking care of my skin. I read somewhere that after turning 25 the human body slows down its production of collagen, the thing that gives your skin elasticity. Without collagen you become wrinkly. It’s vain of me yes, but I’d rather by covered in a thick layer of sunscreen from head to toe plus a big hat than see wrinkles before I hit my 40s. Your skin is your body’s largest organ so take care of it!

I got this amazing one piece from Everything But Water the morning we left town. It’s by Kenneth Cole and you can find it onlineĀ right here! I love a good one piece and this one is very flattering. There is something about a nice black one piece that looks so classy.

And that was our quick trip to our beloved San Diego! The thought of having more children in Heaven than I have on Earth is hard. I will never be the person I was last year and that’s also a tough pill for me to swallow. I worry daily about what the future holds for us but this little vacation with my favorite people definitely helped heal my tired heart.

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  1. I am so sorry about your losses. A friend of mine recently shared her story about loss after loss after loss and found a great doctor in NY that specializes in Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL). As it turns out, she has a genetic blood clotting mutation that was causing microclots in the placenta and umbilical cords of her babies, thus preventing them from getting the oxygen and nourishment they needed to thrive. I share her story with you because you are not alone and you can find answers!

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