The final beta test results are in.

Wednesday I started feeling nauseous and my chest was extremely tender. I debated whether or not to tell Paul about these new symptoms. It’s one thing to get myself excited and hopeful but I didn’t want to bring him up only to drop him back down. Being on the verge of vomitting is not something I can hide from him very well it turns out. I ended up telling him and he got somewhat hopeful but not as much as I thought he would.

Thursday was the second beta test. Tuesday I was lower than 1 so on Thursday Dr. Fisch wanted me to be around at least a 5 but hopefully more. I got the phone call that afternoon and much as I expected, my number did go up very slightly but was still under 1. I was told that this is not a healthy baby and that I could stop with the meds. When my next period starts I am supposed to call Dr. Fisch so we can all sit down. We have two frozen embryos so one option would be to change my medication protocol and transfer both remaining little snow flakes.

Thursday night the family got together for my grandma’s birthday. Since I’m expecting a bleed soon I figured, why not have a drink? A drink. Somehow that turned to four martinis. That might not sound like very much but for a person that has been on a pretty healthy diet, it’s a lot. At one point I turned to Paul and asked “How many drunks have I had?” So.. I drank my feelings a bit and had a massive headache the next day. We have no idea what we’re going to do next and I’m content with that right now.

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