Do you ever feel like you’re running an endless marathon? Or maybe¬†every time something gets checked off the to-do list two more things get added? That has been me lately so the blog has been a bit behind on posts but without further ado, here is a short FET update!

I mentioned before that my sister was doing my first injection. She actually did great and it hardly hurt at all! It could be because this isn’t my first rodeo but it sure was nice to not be in so much pain, even if only for a few seconds.

Tuesday of this week was my final ultrasound and estrogen check before the big frozen transfer. Thankfully Paul was able to come with me so that was really comforting. The vag cam is not my friend and I dread each ultrasound appointment, especially if I have to go alone. If you’re going to your appointments solo, major snaps to you! Dr. Fisch said everything looked great and got me scheduled for Wednesday April 13th for the transfer.

For Mother’s Day weekend Savannah and I will be taking a special trip to Legoland California. Of course, with a transfer so late in April that means I’ll be needing PIO injections pretty late into May if I become pregnant. I’m too much of a chicken to do intramuscular shots in my thigh so I need someone to help. Enter, little bro. Yeah it’s a little bit weird that he’ll be doing a shot in my butt every night but you gotta do what you gotta do. He’ll be practicing from now until it’s time to go and so far he isn’t too terribly bad at it.

Everyday is a step toward our transfer and we are so excited! I’m slightly worried about Paul’s new work schedule not allowing him to do much of anything but we’re so so happy to be in the spot we’re in.


Good luck to all you April transfer couples!!

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