We had our second and final ultrasound with our infertility doctor, Dr. Fisch. We went in feeling excited to see our developing baby. The vag-cam is put into place and we see more than we were expecting.

We see a side view and our little one looks like a tiny gummy bear. A huge round head, little arms, and tiny leg buds forming. We’re so delighted to see our little bean growing! We hear the heartbeat and it’s still as steady as two weeks ago. By this time I should be 8 weeks and 5 days but the baby is only measuring at around 7 weeks. A little off but no big deal, right?

Then the doctor starts moving the camera around. Something appears on the screen that I didn’t pay much attention to but the doctor remains quiet. Quiet during an ultrasound is never good. He says this little band that appears stretched out on part of the gestational sac is worrisome. He asks which OB I have in mind and of course I have the absolute best in mind and he’s very happy with my choice. Dr. Fisch tells me he’ll send me a referral and that I need to be seen right away. He had no idea what this band is and wouldn’t give much information. He said it could be nothing but then he also asked if we have any frozen embryos with him. Um, I’m pregnant right now why do I need frozen embryos any time soon?!

Of course that puts a huge damper on our mood and of course Paul and I turned to Dr. Google. Don’t ever look up medical information on Google, it just made it even worse. I have an appointment with Dr. Joseph Adashek on January 5th and it can’t come soon enough. Dr. Google tells me our baby could be born missing limbs, I could miscarry, I might have to deliver prematurely by emergency c-section, oh, and I might have to have a full hysterectomy after delivering the baby. After going through IVF why can’t I at least have a normal pregnancy?

So now all weekend I’m going to be an emotional/depressed messed, sorry Paul.

Band Around Gestational Sac

Anyone else see this before?

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