Celebrating a birthday is important to me, not mine but other people’s. Life never guarantees how many you’ll get to celebrate. For my one and only baby girl I of course had to go over the top for a significant age change.

Savannah is going from two to three and I’m sure most people would say that is in no way a “significant” age change. I beg to differ and encourage you to think of it this way: A 16th birthday is a huge deal but what is the difference in a 16 year old and a 15 year old? Yeah you get to drive which actually isn’t really that great. Why is a 30th birthday a huge party but a 29th birthday is just a nice dinner? For those of you without kids let me fill you in on something. The difference between a two year old and a three year old is astronomical!

But how is there such a big difference between such close ages? For starters, a two year old is cute and wants your hugs and kisses. A three year old will tell you she’s not your friend then hit you in the face. Three year olds are ruthless and they don’t care who they make cry on the playground. You can read all about my adventures in Threenager land over here but trust me, there is a big difference.

Savannah might be capable of telling me that my shoes are ugly but she doesn’t fully grasp the concept of a birthday party. In her mind everyday is her birthday and you best be supplying gifts on a daily basis. When asking her what she wanted to do she couldn’t get past eating cake so I happily tok matters into my own hands. Maybe I should have been an event planner because it was so much fun putting her party together!

Our little princess loves animals, especially horses, and she would live in a bounce house if I let her. What do those things sound like? A carnival of course! So I took my idea to Pinterest and fell in love with the idea of a pink and gold backyard carnival. Be on the lookout this weekend for the pictures of the festivities, my tips on a successful carnival whilst on a budget, and of course the vendors I used if you happen to be in my area.

My first order of business was getting invitations made and of course they had to match my theme! For this I turned to my other love, Etsy. I searched high and low for admission ticket invitations but also wanted them to make my color theme. I found a cute Etsy store and had her do a custom order. Now all of the kids we invited will get their own admission ticket and they are so darn cute! I’m definitely keeping one as a keepsake! Best of all, these babies only cost me $15 with the Etsy store. The shop owner sent the file to me and all I had to do was take it to a printer in my area. I had the option to print cheaply but for some reason went with a pretty thick card stock. Printing 40 invitations cost me almost $45 but at less than $1 per invite printed I can’t really complain. You can also choose to have the Etsy owner print them for you and ship them.


How darling is this?! Now all I need for the big day tomorrow is nice weather! I highly recommend checking out this Etsy store for your custom invitation needs! You can also find her on Instagram right here. Happy birthday to all you April babies and enjoy your diamond birthday stones you lucky ducks!

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