November 24th is finally here! I got a super faint positive on a home pregnancy test but have continued to bleed. I’m excited but also really nervous about the results, especially since I’ll be receiving the results while I’m at work.

I have the first appointment of the day so I’m in and out quickly. I’m told that they’ll call me within two hours. I’m like, really! You expect me to wait two whole hours?! I think they like to torture us a bit… but I go to work and try to relax, which is nearly impossible. I pretty much spend those two hours on The Bump forums lurking at what other people have going on. I’m part of the October/November board and there are so many BFN (big fat negative) that I’m getting really discouraged.

After waiting what felt like four hours I finally get the phone call. I’m told that they’re looking for an HCG level over 10. That sounds super low but I just had embryo transfer the Thursday before so it hasn’t been very long. At this point my HCG is measuring at 39.7 so I have the BFP (big fat positive) I didn’t think I was going to get! They schedule my next beta for November 30th. HCG levels double about every other day so at that appointment I’ll need to be considerably higher. While on the phone I express how distraught I’ve been with the bleeding but I’m told it’s just a combination of implantation bleeding and from having my uterus poked and it will go away. I’m still not so sure..

I tell Paul and we have a mini celebration and by that I mean I buy myself some new shoes. What better way to celebrate, am I right? Right now I’m still showing as pregnant and that makes us unbelievably joyous. Paul can’t even believe that it’s actually happening, and on our first go!

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