Between beta #1 and beta #2 I bleed every single day and have the worst cramps I have ever had. I’m completely miserable but trying to not let it show. One day I even decide to take another home pregnancy test just to check. It was a much stronger positive but I still felt like something was wrong.

November 30th I go to Dr. Fisch’s office for my second beta test. At this point, I’m no longer excited, no longer looking forward to hearing my results, and I almost didn’t want to go to this appointment at all.

I get my blood drawn and as I’m leaving I run into Dr. Fisch. I had called in over the weekend to ask about the bleeding. I was told that I had to wait for my beta results, not the comforting words I wanted to hear. Dr. Fisch tells me in the office that a lot of women had called over the weekend about bleeding as well. He explained that it is oftentimes a side effect of the Endometrin. He tells me that if this second beta is positive that I can switch from the Endometrin to the progesterone in oil (PIO) injections if I want to.

I go to work and completely forget about waiting for my results. But then, I get a phone call I wasn’t expecting. I’m told that they were looking for an HCG level around 310 and that mine is at 371! I was in total shock! How could I still be pregnant with all of this blood? I immediately decide that I will no longer be taking the Endometrin and have the nurse order my PIO injections. It means I’ll have to spend an additional (and large) amount of money but it also means that the bleeding will stop. Peace of mind is truly priceless!

The nurse also orders a prescription strength prenatal vitamin and emails me my pregnancy calendar. I’m scheduled for our first ultrasound on December 17th. The excitement is overwhelming! Especially for Paul who has been told for so many years that having children would be nearly impossible. This has been a rough road but it finally seems to be looking up!

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