During your waiting period before the beta test you’re not really supposed to take a home pregnancy test. The trigger shot could give you a false positive or you could be testing really early, giving you a false negative. Well, I’m a rule breaker. Oops. 

I just had to test! Monday morning I spent hours vomiting and being miserable. I thought, “Yay this must mean I’m pregnant!” But I kept on bleeding like it was the heaviest, worst period of my life. (Infertility is full of TMI, sorry.) My beta is the next day but I just can’t wait any longer. At this point, I’m only 5dp5dt (five days past a five day transfer) so it could be entirely too early to test but who the heck cares at this point?!

It’s a weird feeling getting excited about peeing on a stick.. I get the faintest of faint positives. It was so faint that I almost thought I was seeing my wishful thoughts. I threw on a pair of sweats and a big hoodie, somehow managed to get Savannah to school without throwing up on myself, and went to work. In the pocket of my hoodie was the pregnancy test. I show Paul and he clearly sees a positive! I decide this little pee stick is staying in my pocket all day because I really need some good luck right now!

The bleeding is still going strong and I’m so scared for the next day.


During your 2WW did you take a home pregnancy test? At what point did you test?

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