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The Big Reveal, Or One Of Them

It’s November 9th which marks the day I finally get to have the ultrasound to see how the stimulations have been doing. We did the Lupron and I took my folic acid pill just like normal. I went to work for a little while that morning but pretty much just squirmed in my chair until it was time to go. (more…)


Not exactly sure why I thought Lupron would be similar to the actual stimulations but it is in no way shape or form even close. Stimulating sucks! (more…)

Lupron Protocol

I hate needles. I hate needles more than I have ever hated something in my life. I hate needles more than I hated stewed tomatoes as a child and that’s a lot! I’m on the Lupron protocol which means lots and lots of needles, yippee.. (more…)

First Steps

Sometime in the middle of September 2015, Paul and I went to Green Valley Fertility here in Henderson, Nevada to get checked out. Unfortunately, Paul’s sperm count is even lower than it was three years ago. Our doctor told us that it’s hard to say if there will be any healthy sperm at all down the road. (more…)

Infertility Story

Paul and I at an Audi conference in Austin, Texas
Paul and I at an Audi conference in Austin, Texas

This is us. Just an ordinary looking couple at a work conference. What you don’t see is that we are the unlucky 1 in every 10 couples that suffer from infertility problems. (According to this site that is) but I’ve also read that it’s 1 in 8 somewhere too. (more…)