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Celebrate Carlsbad Day With Legoland

One of our favorite cities to visit as a family has their very own special day and one of our favorite theme parks is joining in on the fun. Basically it’s another reminder that I don’t live in SoCal but desperately need to!


Thanksgiving Fun + Gift Card Giveaway


Isn’t this the best time of the year?! Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday makes me one very happy shopper.


An Emotional Weekend Made Better


August 5, 2016 we should have been welcoming our baby into the world. We should have been feeling all the love and joy in the world but instead, I was feeling empty and frustrated. I lost this baby in January and haven’t been the same since. Paul knew that this was going to be a rollercoaster weekend for me so he worked up some spontaneous travel plans.


A Simple Art Display Wall For Your Kids


Like most parents, we have a huge accumulation of “art projects” from our little nugget and I may or may not have a hoarding problem. I just can’t bring myself to throw out anything that has to do with Savannah! As always, I took our growing problem to my one true love, Pinterest, for a solution and this is what I found. May the art projects stop flowing at some point.


Learning To Be #FaithfullyBeautiful


Normally it’s the parent that teaches the child but sometimes it’s the other way around.


LegoLand Hotel California Review


The last time I was at LegoLand California was so long ago that they didn’t yet have their hotel. Here’s a small look at our first time staying at this property.


Flying With A Toddler


No matter the length of the flight, I hate being on airplanes. Adding a three year old into the mix is downright crazy but sometimes you have no choice.


Backyard Carnival Birthday For A 3 Year Old


Little Savvy might very well be the only child I have and going through the toddler stage of life is something I want to enjoy before it’s gone. I take birthdays pretty seriously but for this one I opted for a bit of an over-the-top approach.


Backyard Carnival Birthday Invitations

Celebrating a birthday is important to me, not mine but other people’s. Life never guarantees how many you’ll get to celebrate. For my one and only baby girl I of course had to go over the top for a significant age change. (more…)

Signs You’re Living With A Threenager

One day you have a cute and cuddly two year old and then BAM, the horrendous threes hit. Who said twos were terrible?!  (more…)