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Celebrate Carlsbad Day With Legoland

One of our favorite cities to visit as a family has their very own special day and one of our favorite theme parks is joining in on the fun. Basically it’s another reminder that I don’t live in SoCal but desperately need to!


An Emotional Weekend Made Better


August 5, 2016 we should have been welcoming our baby into the world. We should have been feeling all the love and joy in the world but instead, I was feeling empty and frustrated. I lost this baby in January and haven’t been the same since. Paul knew that this was going to be a rollercoaster weekend for me so he worked up some spontaneous travel plans.


LegoLand Hotel California Review


The last time I was at LegoLand California was so long ago that they didn’t yet have their hotel. Here’s a small look at our first time staying at this property.


Flying With A Toddler


No matter the length of the flight, I hate being on airplanes. Adding a three year old into the mix is downright crazy but sometimes you have no choice.


Weekend Road Trip

I have been in quite an emotional “funk” (as Paul likes to put it) since everything happened. (You can read all about those adventures over HERE.) I just couldn’t shake the depression cloud that was completely consuming me. Being the caring man that he is, Paul decided I needed to get out of town for the weekend. (more…)

Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows Review
An arial view I found at

If you’re going to the Big Island of Hawai’i this is definitely a resort to check out! It’s a little ways from Kona and was actually our second choice. The Hilton was of course our first choice but during the week of Christmas, and with nine people, they just didn’t have the accommodations we were looking for. We were mainly in Hawai’i for my parents’ vow renewal and they wanted a relaxing and laid back vacation but at a resort that offered a ton of activities for the rest of us and the Mauna Lani definitely delivered! (more…)

Christmas In Hawaii

I mentioned over here that a somewhat new Christmas tradition for us is to travel for the week of Christmas. We all get a bunch of stuff throughout the year and now that we’re getting older we have realized that the holiday season can be about so much more than the junk in wrapping paper. (more…)