I mentioned¬†over here¬†that a somewhat new Christmas tradition for us is to travel for the week of Christmas. We all get a bunch of stuff throughout the year and now that we’re getting older we have realized that the holiday season can be about so much more than the junk in wrapping paper. We all have such differing schedules that we don’t often get to all be together. My sister works at night, one of my brothers goes to school in Arizona, we really miss our quality time. So instead of presents, we travel! We travel more than the average people do throughout the year but it’s very rare that the entire family goes together. I love making memories and experiencing new things during the holiday season. Last year in Orlando Savannah got kisses from Cinderella. You can’t beat that experience!

My parents’ wedding anniversary is during the week of Christmas and this year is their 25th year married. They were married in Hawaii and decided they wanted to come back to where it all started. Plus my grandma lives in Hawaii! We left from Vegas on December 20th and will go back the night of the 26th so not quite a full week. My mom always taught me that when you travel you need that “buffer” day before going back to the real world so Sunday the 27th is our buffer day.

We’re flying Hawaiian Airlines, which is definitely the best airline I have ever flown with! If they flew all over the world I would never fly with anyone else. Yes, you have to pay for checked bags but with the best safety record, the numerous free drinks, and the delicious free meal I don’t see paying for your bags as such a big deal.

We’re at the Big Island and there is no direct flight from Vegas when you fly with Hawaiian Airlines. We had to fly to Oahu and connect to the airport in Hilo. Out of nowhere, our original flight to Oahu disappeared and the new flight didn’t give us enough time to get onto the connecting flight. It was quite a mess. The day before we left from Vegas I on the radio that Obama spends Christmas in Hawaii. Then when we landed in Oahu we saw Air Force 1 on the tarmac. Guess that’s why our first flight disappeared! This picture does not do that plane justice! That thing is so massive I can’t believe it can actually take off!

She calls her jersey her "Charger." Paul has corrupted her and turned her into a Chargers fan.
She calls her jersey her “Charger.” Paul has corrupted her and turned her into a Chargers fan.

As you may know from my occasional complaining on social media, Paul and I co-parent Savannah, which basically means we have to share her with her biological dad. Sadly, we have to alternate holidays so this year we’re making our trip without our baby girl. It breaks my heart and really puts a damper on the whole trip. And to add to it, I’m still required to do the progesterone in oil injections (look at these things!) Getting a bunch of syringes on the plane is no problem. I didn’t even get stopped in security! But accidentally leave a tiny bottle of lube in your backpack like my brother did and you’re getting a full on bag search.

When we started our IVF cycle Paul asked if I would be able to fly because I would possibly be pregnant. I couldn’t help but laugh at him and explained that I’m pregnant, not disabled in any way. I love to travel and being pregnant doesn’t mean I have to stop, unless the doctor says so of course!

Yippee for #ChristmasInHawaii

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