Growing up, my family was always pretty big on traditions. You know, the things we do every year no matter what. Over time the family has added some new traditions to our list and my little family with Paul and Savannah has added a new one as well.

I went on a sailing trip a few months ago with a family friend and somehow during the conversation she told me about one of her family’s Christmas traditions. Each year everyone in her family picks out a new ornament for their tree. She told me that it’s really neat to see how the kids’ interests have changed over time. This sounded like such a cute way of making memories together that I decided to steal her idea and this year we each picked out a personal ornament.

Of course Savannah was ecstatic to be going to the Disney store! And of course she picked out an Elsa ornament. At a young two and a half years old it amazes me that she knows every word to every Frozen song and the movie never gets old for her. She loved being able to put up her Elsa on the tree and ended up changing her position several times. On Elsa’s leg I simply wrote “Savvy 2015” so we could remember the year she picked it.

Naturally, I picked out a pacifier. It is very early in my pregnancy to be getting so giddy but no matter what happens I always want to remember that I was pregnant during this time.

Another somewhat new tradition we have is traveling! One year around Christmas time my parents asked my siblings and I for our Christmas lists. I thought this was so strange. Here I am, in my early 20s, and making a Christmas list to give to my parents? No way. So we all ended up getting a bunch of stuff that we didn’t need. My dad got me a 40 inch TV that sat in it’s box for a year! Talk about a waste of money. So my mom came up with a genius idea. Instead of getting/giving presents we would use that money to travel during the week of Christmas! Last year we did a week in Orlando at Disney World, this year we’re in Hawaii for a week, and next year we’ll be somewhere with lots of snow to mix it up. It is so much fun and I highly encourage it as an alternative to presents. Material presents only last for so long but the pictures and memories from a trip will last forever.


What are some of your holiday traditions? It’s crazy how so many families do such different things!

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