November 13, 2015: Egg retrieval day! We’re doing this with the help of conscious sedation, which is totally amazing. Just like a really comfortable nap! I fall asleep thinking of beautiful babies and Paul goes to the “Man Cave” to do his business again. When I wake up only 15 or so minutes have passed and Paul and I are in another little room together. Dr. Fisch comes to tell us that he was able to get 15 eggs, which is more than we thought we were getting, but he poked my uterus a few times trying to get to my left side. That sucks but 15 eggs so whatever I think at the time.

I never thought it would be so difficult to take it easy for a couple of days! Savannah is a rambunctious toddler that needs playing with, someone needs to keep up on cleaning and running errands, someone needs to make dinner, plus I work during the day. Paul does a great job at pretending to be me but it’s tough. Sometimes I feel like going through IVF is even more difficult when you already have a child. There were times during stimulation that Savannah would hear me in pain and she would come running asking what is wrong with me. 15 eggs make it worth it though in my mind!

The next day we get our phone call. Of the 15 eggs, 14 were mature enough to be fertilized and eight were actively growing. I can’t believe we’re getting so close! Monday we’ll get another update call and we’ll find out our embryo transfer date!


How many eggs did you have retrieved? After retrieval I felt absolutely horrible, probably from having my uterus poked. How did you feel?

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