Our first baby picture
Our first baby picture!

November 18th we do a five day transfer of one beautiful blastocyst that is already hatching! This is such a magical moment for us. Most couples find out they’re pregnant weeks after it actually happened but we get to watch on a TV monitor the exact moment this little one enters into my uterus and get this first baby picture.

For embryo transfer you’re told to have a full bladder because that will make seeing your uterus easier. During my update phone call that morning Dr. Fisch told me to not make my bladder too full because he didn’t want me to be uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable doesn’t sound fun so I take his advice and not overdo it. When Paul and I get to the office however it is pretty darn difficult for Dr. Fisch to find the exact right spot. There was a lot of maneuvering and prodding but after a few minutes the Embryologist comes in with our little one in a catheter, all ready to be moved into my warm and comfy uterus.

On a big TV monitor Paul and I get to watch our tiny little dot float into it’s new home, my uterus. While IVF is anything but glamorous, this is a precious moment that we feel so blessed to experience. Sure, we didn’t get to do things the “standard” way but we got this priceless picture of our embryo and got to see the exact moment that he or she was in my uterus. Science sure can be beautiful!


Did you do a three day or five day transfer? How many did you transfer? Women normally do one or two, I did just one, but I’ve heard of some women doing three or more!

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