Sometime in the middle of September 2015, Paul and I went to¬†Green Valley Fertility¬†here in Henderson, Nevada to get checked out. Unfortunately, Paul’s sperm count is even lower than it was three years ago. Our doctor told us that it’s hard to say if there will be any healthy sperm at all down the road. We have the option to freeze his sperm to use later but would run the risk of needing more than was frozen and him not having any more. This is something we absolutely do not want to leave to chance and so we decided to move forward with treatment. Dr. Fisch told us that IVF with ICSI would be our only option.

I felt so devastated that, not only are we seeking infertility treatment, but we have to do something so unnatural as IVF. I was heartbroken. For so many years I have always told myself that if God wants it to be then it will happen. I was so stressed that for some reason I blurted out my frustrations to my chiropractor during an appointment one day. What he said to me felt so relieving. Like the stress had completely dissipated. He said that God gave humans amazing minds, creative minds, minds that can totally change the world in which we live. I felt comforted hearing that God wants us to solve the problems we face in this life. Not sure why I never thought of it that way!

We went back to Dr. Fisch on October 14, 2015. He checked my uterus out (it’s tilted, whatever that means) and decided to move forward with an October/November IVF cycle. That very night I started the birth control pills and we were both so elated to be taking our first steps.

How did you feel when facing your prescribed treatment plan?


***Side note: I was confused why I would be taking birth control pills when the point of all of this was to have a baby. Our nurse explained to me that they need to be able to control when my period starts which they do by stopping the pills. She also told me that the medications I’ll be taking can cause cysts and the birth control pills will help to prevent that. Cysts?! This is going to be a long road..

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