I started this little project a little after we started our first IVF cycle. I wanted an outlet for my crazy emotions and writing has always been one of my passions. I mainly wanted to use this little bit of web space as a sort of personal diary and something for Paul and I to look back on but it kind of took a little turn.

I also started to store my recipes here and then decided “Why limit it to just that?” Diaries are made up of whatever we feel like talking about so that’s pretty much what this whole thing is – a big diary. I include our infertility story, my favorite recipes, parenting stories for us to look back on, and because we travel so often I’m going to throw that in the mix too.

In the beginning, this was just something for myself but then I joined a few infertility forums and realized that there are a whole lot of us going through the same process so I decided to make the site public. I even made a “coming soon” page to make myself feel official, ha! The coming soon page included a space for people to enter their email address to “subscribe” and I couldn’t figure out a way to get rid of it so I ended up leaving it there expecting no one at all to enter their email. Because.. why would someone want to do that?

Something kind of.. crazy and totally unexpected happened next. People were subscribing to what they saw as a pretty blank website! The site hadn’t actually launched yet because I was still reeling from the process of IVF and all that we went through and wasn’t 100% sure that I wanted to be so vulnerable to people online. So people were giving me their email address when all they really saw was a single page with an intro and some social media icons.

It was totally bizarre to me! I had created a YouTube channel and blogs for college that got some attention but that was from classmates, not complete strangers. So I decided to keep it up. I create little sort of newsletters to send out and will occasionally throw in a contest, giveaway, or email a random person that they won some prize. Because hey, it’s fantastic that you want to follow along!



Jessica Nicol