Paul and I at an Audi conference in Austin, Texas
Paul and I at an Audi conference in Austin, Texas

This is us. Just an ordinary looking couple at a work conference. What you don’t see is that we are the unlucky 1 in every 10 couples that suffer from infertility problems. (According to this site that is) but I’ve also read that it’s 1 in 8 somewhere too.

When Paul was a child he was diagnosed with two types of Lymphoma. Back then doctors knew that he might have difficulty having children in the future but there wasn’t much research on the long term effects of radiation on the human body. His life was saved but his developing body still suffered quite a bit. About three years ago he went to a fertility clinic here in Las Vegas and was told he had a “handful” of healthy sperm. At the time it was an end of story kind of deal as he didn’t want to have children with his wife of the time.

Savannah at Easter 2015
Savannah Easter 2015

Almost three years ago I was blessed with a beautiful little girl. Shortly after giving birth to her my marriage ended. Along the way Paul and I met (he actually asked me to go on a trip with him to Cabo before we even had our first date – weirdo) and now here we are. I always knew that I wanted a large family but when he told me that he possibly couldn’t have kids I didn’t mind. I told myself at the time that Savannah was all I needed in my life. You don’t realize how badly you want something until you’re told you can’t I suppose. The love that I feel for Savannah is something that I didn’t know could be felt on this world. It’s truly supernatural. But I still find myself wanting and Paul feels the same, if not more, emptiness.

And so our infertility journey began. In the beginning we decided to not tell friends and family. I’m a pretty avid blog/forum reader and I had read what an emotional roller coaster infertility is. The last thing we want is for people to constantly ask questions that are emotionally difficult to answer. Having given birth to a healthy baby before I feel somewhat confident that we can figure this out together. Male factor infertility can’t be that hard, right? (Insert over dramatic sigh.)


Tell me your infertility story! How did you and your partner find out and what steps are you looking into?

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