Life sure can be infuriating. When you’re trying to get pregnant you would think the last thing you want to see is AF, but nope. In order to try to get pregnant again I have to sit around and wait for this ridiculous biological function to happen. And of course, it didn’t want to happen.

Being the crazy control freak that I am, I participate in many online forums and Facebook groups that are infertility related. I read and I study every situation that every couple is going through because hey, I want to be well versed on every situation that could possibly happen. I even read the side effects of medications that haven’t even been prescribed to me. I’m crazy, I know. Seems to be a theme around here.

I have learned quite a few acronyms through these forums and groups. When I say AF I mean Aunt Flow, as in a woman’s period. Dr. Fisch was hoping we would be able to start a FET (frozen embryo transfer) in March but AF didn’t come. March was out for us and of course I started worrying (more like freaking out and being over dramatic as Paul would say) that maybe it wouldn’t come for a long time. Of course I thought that maybe it would never come on it’s own and I would need some sort of medication to induce ovulation or even worse, maybe there’s something seriously wrong with me. Then I remembered that a person once told me about their D&C situation and how not all of the baby was removed. Maybe not all of my baby is gone and my body doesn’t know what to do? Sometimes I love that my mind races so fast and I can think of things quickly but in this instance, I was not loving it.

And then, FINALLY, it came. March 1st was my first cycle date and strangely, Paul was my first phone call to share the “good news” with. Never in my life did I think I would call my husband with the “exciting” news of starting my period. Infertility is a strange world. I called our RE’s (Reproductive Endocrinologist) office and got the exciting news that there will be more waiting. Cycle day 5 (which is today) I start taking BCP (birth control pills) then we have an appointment on March 22nd to order medications and get our FET calendar. More waiting isn’t fun but we’re so happy to at least have a game plan now!

Our transfer would now be in April but a one month delay isn’t too bad. We already eat very healthy but after today there will be no more alcohol and I’ll cut down my green tea intake to twice a week while I’m just taking the birth control pills. The latter will be the hardest part! I’m not really a caffeine fan but I adore my green tea. Paul has said we will start walking every night too just to add to our healthiness.


What are some things you’re doing or did do to help pass the time? Savannah’s 3rd birthday is in the beginning of April so I’m going to distract myself by planning a big backyard carnival for her!

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