I hate needles. I hate needles more than I have ever hated something in my life. I hate needles more than I hated stewed tomatoes as a child and that’s a lot! I’m on the Lupron protocol which means lots and lots of needles, yippee..

I took the birth control pills from October 14th until October 27th but started the morning Lupron injections on October 21st. Paul shot me up with ten units for seven days and then reduced down to just five units once I finished the birth control. The only side effect I experienced were terrible hot flashes but Paul likes to tell me that I was extra moody and my sex drive went out the window completely.

Now, Paul had reassured me that he was a pro with injections because he often did his own injections as a child going through cancer treatment. I thought to myself “Self, this is going to be a breeze so absolutely no panicking.” At about 6:30am on our first morning of Lupron I iced a patched of my lower abdomen and fearfully watched him fill the syringe. I turned my head away and sang the ABC’s in my head the way my pediatrician taught me many years ago when having to get vaccines. When I felt him powerfully stab me I looked at him as if I were shooting lasers from my eyes. He tried to make me feel better by saying it’s less painful if it’s done quickly. Pretty sure that is the first time he has ever lied to me.

The next morning he went nice and slow and I hardly felt a pinch. Over time I got so used to our morning routine that I would occasionally do the injection myself. I laughed at myself for ever being afraid of the Lupron injection and thought the actual stimulations couldn’t be much worse.

Do you have any IVF bloopers like your partner stabbing you? I’d love to hear some funny stories. Even the briefest of smiles makes the process a little less stressful!

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