If infertility is new to you, 2ww means the dreaded two week wait. This is the period of time after your embryo transfer in which you’re stuck just sitting around for two whole weeks! After that time comes your beta, which is the blood test to check out your HCG level. Luckily for us as it turns out, Dr. Fisch doesn’t do the actual two weeks of waiting!

Our embryo transfer was November 18th and Dr. Fisch and crew wanted me back in for my beta on November 24th! Hip hip hooray for not waiting out two weeks in agony! The day after transfer I spent the whole time in bed feeling elated that we didn’t have too much longer to go and really, in my mind I’m pregnant until that beta test says otherwise. I take my folic acid every morning at twice a day I do this horrible thing called Endometrin.

When we very first got our meds in the mail our nurse told us that Dr. Fisch’s office doesn’t do the progesterone in oil (PIO) injections any more because too many women were complaining about how much they hurt. So the office switched to suppositories. I’m going to go into TMI territory here for a minute. Endometrin is a vaginal insert. The tablets look like something a horse would take and each tablet comes with a not so little applicator that has this terrible ridge at the top. We have put so much of ourselves into this process that I’m making sure that sucker is UP there. It is not, I repeat NOT, a fun experience! But I do it because hey, our little embryo needs progesterone to attach to my uterus and grow his or her little placenta.

I wear a panty liner because I noticed a chalk like substance making an appearance. Then that weekend, something terrible also makes an appearance.. blood. At first it’s a brownish color which I told myself could be old blood. If you remember, my uterus got poked a few times. I tell myself that’s where this blood must be coming from. But then the color changes to a light pink and my heart drops. Monday the 23rd has come and I need to wear a full on pad. I don’t even want to have the beta test any more..


Most women have to wait out the full two weeks. How did you keep yourself busy? Google-ing was my favorite pastime!

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