Embryo Transfer

Our first baby picture
Our first baby picture!

November 18th we do a five day transfer of one beautiful blastocyst that is already hatching! This is such a magical moment for us. Most couples find out they’re pregnant weeks after it actually happened but we get to watch on a TV monitor the exact moment this little one enters into my uterus and get this first baby picture. (more…)

The Update Phone Calls

Monday November 16th rolls around and I get my update phone call bright and early. Over the weekend we had two late bloomers start to grow so now we have a total of 10 embabies steadily growing! I like to say that those two take after their dad but they’re actually more like me. You should see me trying to get out of bed every morning! Let’s just say.. It’s a process. Of those 10 little embryos, Dr. Fisch tells me that six of them are “looking perfect” and I’m scheduled for a five day transfer on Wednesday November 18th!

The morning of the 18th I get another update call. There are only four embryos still growing. (more…)

Egg Retrieval

November 13, 2015: Egg retrieval day! We’re doing this with the help of conscious sedation, which is totally amazing. Just like a really comfortable nap! I fall asleep thinking of beautiful babies and Paul goes to the “Man Cave” to do his business again. (more…)

Time To Pull The Trigger

November 11th I finally get the green light to do the trigger shot. During my ultrasound Dr. Fisch sees that my uterus is still tilted and the follicles on the left side will be difficult to get to but he assures me that everything is moving along “very nicely.” What reassuring words! (more…)

The Big Reveal, Or One Of Them

It’s November 9th which marks the day I finally get to have the ultrasound to see how the stimulations have been doing. We did the Lupron and I took my folic acid pill just like normal. I went to work for a little while that morning but pretty much just squirmed in my chair until it was time to go. (more…)

California Chicken

One of my personal favorite chicken dishes!
One of my personal favorite chicken dishes!


Savannah is by no means a picky eater but she does draw the line at leafy stuff, which is totally understandable at her age. I sometimes worry about how low her veggie intake is. She loves cherry tomatoes but that’s pretty much all she gets on a consistent basis. (more…)


Not exactly sure why I thought Lupron would be similar to the actual stimulations but it is in no way shape or form even close. Stimulating sucks! (more…)

Chicken Artichoke Skillet

Chicken Artichoke Skillet

Paul and I love artichokes so I’m always looking for ways to add them to our meals. I found this recipe HERE but made a few tweaks to it. Hope you enjoy! (more…)

Lupron Protocol

I hate needles. I hate needles more than I have ever hated something in my life. I hate needles more than I hated stewed tomatoes as a child and that’s a lot! I’m on the Lupron protocol which means lots and lots of needles, yippee.. (more…)

First Steps

Sometime in the middle of September 2015, Paul and I went to Green Valley Fertility here in Henderson, Nevada to get checked out. Unfortunately, Paul’s sperm count is even lower than it was three years ago. Our doctor told us that it’s hard to say if there will be any healthy sperm at all down the road. (more…)