One day you have a cute and cuddly two year old and then BAM, the horrendous threes hit. Who said twos were terrible?! 


My mom has always told me that twos are a breeze compared to three so in a way I have been bracing myself this past year. I mean, at two Savannah was still prone to tantrum but there was no talking back, no feet stomping, no “my legs are broken so I can’t go to school.” She did as we told her and she always had a warm hug and big kisses for everyone. Her birthday is in early April and as we continue to get closer to the dreaded three I see a scary change in her. My mom sent me a term for these wild creatures and it’s “Threenager.” You know, three going on sixteen. Please, pray for me and everyone else with a three year old! Here are the signs that you now have a threenager on your hands.

1. She becomes a fashionista. Pants are not allowed, shorts are not allowed, only dresses can be worn because that’s what princesses wear and she is a self proclaimed princess. She is bribed into wearing pants. Yes, I said bribed. Before having a child I thought parents that used bribery were lazy parents. Correction, it’s smart parenting when used in moderation. If she picks pink shoes then guess what, the entire outfit needs to be pink because “it HAS to match mom.” For Easter I let her pick her own outfit out. Pink dress, pink socks, pink shoes. Oh, and don’t you dare call her pretty until she is completely put together or TANTRUM. (And no, your outfit is not safe from her scrutiny. “Are you sure that dress momma?”)


2. You suddenly have another backseat driver. (I say another because Paul hates my driving.) “Mom you aren’t line leader. Be line leader, go faster!” For some reason I taught Savannah the meanings of the traffic light colors, not smart now that I look back on it. If we’re stopped at a light the second it turns green “Go mom you’re slow.” The light is yellow and “Go faster or red!” Stopped at a red light, TANTRUM. Or we have to pat our laps and blast off at the green light because “Mom this our rocket.” I’m not a very good rocket ship driver apparently.


3. You have ridiculous arguments that leave you confused. Driving along and “See that mountain? That’s Elsa’s mountain. I want to go there RIGHT NOW.” A school bus drives past us and “That’s my bus.” “That’s a school bus honey.” “Take me to MY bus mom.” Or our most recent, “I don’t want alligators to get my nana.” “What? Alligators won’t get her.” “YES they WILL. We need alligator shots.” This is when I resort to “Yes baby” or TANTRUM ensues.


4. Suddenly she is the parent. Better not use your phone while she’s talking to you, playing with you, or even looking in your direction. There are rules and she is the one making them. “You HAVE to say please mom!” She can also be the police officer of the house. “Mom be nice or go to thinking chair!” Not listening will result in TANTRUM but not giving the correct reply to her will only result in some whining and alligator tears. But don’t say alligator! That’s a thing for some reason and threenagers have very delicate buttons that are easily pushed.


5. The attitude could compete with a Jr High girl, minus the eye roll. Luckily Savannah has not grasped the concept of rolling her eyes but she’s getting pretty close! Any small thing will set her off and you won’t have to guess at how she feels. Hand on hip, a scrunched nose or lips, maybe even a stomp of the foot for good measure. Sometimes she’ll be laughing and suddenly start crying out of nowhere. Watch out, here comes TANTRUM. (Seeing the theme here?)


Sometimes I wish these weren’t actual conversations/things being said to me. Like, where is all of this anger coming from? But then there is the last sign that you have a threenager.

This is way too much editing but at the same time I love it. That face!
I don’t know what I was doing with this picture but something about it I love!

6. She has more compassion than most adults. She can also understand a lot more than you might think. Don’t let them fool you, these little ones are smart. Savannah knows that Paul and I are trying to have another baby and she knows that sometimes mommy needs to get shots. As I mentioned before, Paul works late a few nights during the week so I’m having my sister do my intramuscular shot. We meet at my parents’ house so Savannah can spend time with her precious Nana and Papa. I don’t mind when Savannah watches the injections. Something in me wants to make her involved in every step of the way and to never feel left out. This was my sister’s first time doing an injection so she was nervous which was in turn making me nervous. As she is doing the injection, Savannah comes over to hug me and says “You’ll be okay momma.” It was such a precious moment! It is times like this one that make me so proud of her. Even though she kicked a classmate in the face (true story unfortunately) she is capable of understanding when someone is in pain and knows to try and comfort that person. There is such a huge difference between two and three!


I’m loving the “blogger knee pop” but see that finger there? That’s how she really feels. My sweet two year old is turning into a very mean little three year old.


Even though there are enough tantrums to last me a lifetime, this threenager thing is an adventure. I love being able to have more than a one sided conversation and I absolutely love that she is potty trained. Yep, even sleeps in her underwear. #StraightOttaDiapers


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"I'm not three mom I'm FIVE"
“I’m not three mom I’m FIVE”





This face makes the fact that she just got done being in trouble for trying to throw rocks a little less maddening.


This picture is out of focus, her hair is a mess, and her headband is coming off but this is exactly what being a parent is looks like. Minus the clean face, not sure how I pulled that off actually. I don’t take one second for granted.



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