Are you facing infertility challenges and are looking for a cheap and non-invasive solution? Meet the Stork OTC Conception Aid brought to you by Rinovum Women’s Health! 

**Disclaimer: While I have received compensation for this post from Fertility Planit, all opinions are my own.

My younger self never thought that I would be in this place. This place where there is so much tension and frustration, where husband and wife bicker to no end, where family is alienated. That is the picture that infertility paints for many couples. At the very young age of 23, I was seeking the medical advice of a Reproductive Endcrinologist. You see, my husband had cancer as a child and radiation made conceiving nearly impossible for us. The summer of 2015, two doctors believe we were able to go about it naturally but that ended in an early miscarriage. That word, that horrible miscarriage word, pushed me into seeking some medical help.

Through some testing we learned that sperm count and motility were the culprits of our struggles. I wanted to try intrauterine insemination (IUI) because of it’s relatively cheap cost but we were told that in vitro fertilization (IVF) was our best option because it might be faster. To date we have been through two cycles of IVF, one being successful but ending in miscarriage and the other not working at all. I absolutely dread the process of IVF and all of the terrible injections. Some shots are very painful and the ones that don’t hurt turn me into this person I can’t recognize. While in the midst of planning our third IVF cycle I received a very interesting email.


I received an email about The Stork OTC and I was in shock. I had no idea that there were at home options, at home options that do not include injections. This FDA cleared product was created for couples that face low sperm counts or motility issues and even those couples that are using a sperm donor. Information that came with this device says The Stork is a great next step before seeking out a medical professional but I think this product is nice to have when in-between IVF cycles as well. During our trails of this past year we definitely lost our bedroom magic, like all of it. I saw this product as more than just a conception aid, I saw this as an opportunity to reconnect with the person I share my bed with.


So how does it work? There is a small cervical cap inside a silicon condom (the Conceptacle) that is worn during sex. The silicon is thick and we had some difficulty rolling it down. Semen is collected in the cervical cap and you remove the cap from the condom. This was a little bit messy for us but it was fairly easy. Next you simply attach the cap to the Applicator and insert into the vagina all the way to the opening of the cervix. This step really scared me but the Applicator actually compresses the cap so insertion is easy. Many reviews of this device online state that it is very difficult to use but we found it to be very easy compared to what goes into an IVF cycle. The key here is to use this device during your three most fertile days.


The cost is by far my favorite part. This one time use device is only $79.99 and can be purchased without a prescription. Some online reviews say that’s a high price to pay for a one time use product so let me break down what we paid in IVF treatments that still haven’t led any where. Our first fresh cycle cost $9,000 plus about $1,800 for medications and ended in miscarriage. Our frozen cycle after that cost $2,500 with medications costing about $800 and ended in nothing happening at all. The next frozen cycle will cost us $2,000 not including whatever medications I need and of course there is no guarantee of pregnancy. The Stork OTC also does not guarantee pregnancy but I would much rather buy several of these devices and have some fun with my husband than buy several IVF cycles.

Even if this product doesn’t give us our baby, it did give my husband and I some much needed bedroom time and even a little hope that maybe something else can work for us. I recommend every couple try this product before moving on to a clinic. Join the #StorkStories Twitter chat this Thursday, June 16th at 9pm Eastern for your chance to win a Stork OTC device! Go check out the Stork’s website here and follow along on Twitter here or check out their Facebook page here.

To thank all of my wonderful readers for sharing in my journey I’m helping to give away one FREE Stork OTC device right here through my blog in addition to the Twitter giveaway. Good luck and as always, baby dust to you all!

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  1. What an amazing idea! I struggled with infertility for years trying to get pregnant with my second and I would have definitely tried this!! Thankfully I finally did get pregnant naturally after taking a number of supplements.

  2. I was so interested in what this was when I saw your snapchat. So sorry you have to go through all these struggles, but so amazing how far things have come to help along the way. Praying it works for you!!! XOXO

    • I was really afraid of it when I took it out of the box to be honest lol. I’m so thankful that science is so powerful! Thank you so much, we’re getting there just a bit slowly 🙂

  3. i really would like to try this it upset my father that out of 4 kids on his side and 5 on my moms i m almost 31 and still no kids

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