It’s November 9th which marks the day I finally get to have the ultrasound to see how the stimulations have been doing. We did the Lupron and I took my folic acid pill just like normal. I went to work for a little while that morning but pretty much just squirmed in my chair until it was time to go.

I went to this appointment alone. Paul barely has time for a lunch break during his workday and I didn’t think this appointment was going to be anything for him to miss out on anyway.

Dr. Fisch said my uterus is at a beautiful 10.5 mm, which is right on track for where we should be. (Yay some sort-of good news!) During my last ultrasound he saw 14 follicles but today he sees 12 that are in size ranging from 17 mm to 15 mm, which means they’re still too small. We’re looking for follies above 18 mm so I’m close but not quite there. His diagnosis: two more days of stimulations. This is the point in IVF that is comparable to being pregnant and going past your due date. You’re so swollen, so uncomfortable, and so dang moody that you just want these things out right now. Have I ever said that I hate this process?

I’m scheduled for a November 11th ultrasound to again check on my follicle size and that’s that. By this time, my lower abdomen has a bruise from every Follistim and Menopur injection. Paul is having a hard time finding a patch of skin that isn’t bruised so he can shoot me up some more.

One of the reasons I started this blog was simply so I could get some of these emotions out. Some days are just so hard and I feel terrible for Paul because he can definitely see the emotional change in me. I also joined a group on The Bump so I could talk to other women going through IVF. Between writing in my little “diary” here and talking to women in that group, some of the pressure has been relieved.


What are some things you turn to in order to de-stress a bit? I highly recommend writing down your thoughts and feelings! It will make for something nice to look back on and who knows, it could turn into something more like mine did!

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