Monday November 16th rolls around and I get my update phone call bright and early. Over the weekend we had two late bloomers start to grow so now we have a total of 10 embabies steadily growing! I like to say that those two take after their dad but they’re actually more like me. You should see me trying to get out of bed every morning! Let’s just say.. It’s a process. Of those 10 little embryos, Dr. Fisch tells me that six of them are “looking perfect” and I’m scheduled for a five day transfer on Wednesday November 18th!

The morning of the 18th I get another update call. There are only four embryos still growing. On the phone I play it cool and get set up to transfer one baby that afternoon. On the inside I’m confused and feeling completely blindsided. Paul and I chose to not do the chromosome testing (PGS genetic testing) because I’m only 24 years old at the age of this retrieval and because it’s a huge extra expense. As a woman’s eggs get older the chances of chromosomal abnormalities rises. These abnormalities can cause things like Down Syndrome and can cause a woman to miscarry. We knew ICSI (What’s ICSI?) was our only chance at the sperm making it’s way into the egg but I thought for sure once that was done and the embryo started growing that we were in the clear.

I was so disheartened. What if we need more than four tries to get one baby? Then I’ll have to go through stimulation and retrieval all over again. Not only would that be financially draining but extremely emotionally draining as well. I always tell people to try and stay positive and that our bodies need positive energy in order to get positive outcomes but I have a really hard time taking my own advice. “I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it” as Alice would say. All I can really do is sigh and wait for my transfer time.


How many embryos did you end up with? I try to be happy with four because I know so many women don’t even end up with that many.

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