November 11th I finally get the green light to do the trigger shot. During my ultrasound Dr. Fisch sees that my uterus is still tilted and the follicles on the left side will be difficult to get to but he assures me that everything is moving along “very nicely.” What reassuring words!

Our instructions are to do the shot at 10:30 that night, which is pretty late for us to be up on a weeknight. We get Savannah settled into bed and decide to watch South Paw to help pass the time. By now, my body and my emotional state is so wrecked from all of these hormone stimulants that I’m totally bawling through the entire movie. Paul had to pause it for a good 15 minutes so I could gather myself but as soon as the movie started back up so did the water works. Great movie but not a fun experience.

We trigger with Ovidrel and O M G does it hurt! Not as painful as the Menopur but pretty darn close.

The next day is Paul’s big day to give his “sample.” His sperm count is so low that Dr. Fisch wants extra time for the Embryologist to look through it. Egg retrieval is scheduled for November 13th, which just so happens to be a Friday so good thing I’m not superstitious.

Finally doing the trigger shot is so exciting and makes me so happy! No more shots for one but most importantly, the process moves along much faster once egg retrieval day gets here! One step closer to our little baby.


How did you feel when you triggered? It was kind of relieving to me.

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