I have been in quite an emotional “funk” (as Paul likes to put it) since everything happened. (You can read all about those adventures over HERE.) I just couldn’t shake the depression cloud that was completely consuming me. Being the caring man that he is, Paul decided I needed to get out of town for the weekend.

Paul decided it was time for another San Diego trip. Even though it’s a long drive to do with Savannah we prefer driving so we can bring Saige and so we have our own vehicle there. Paul is from San Diego and still has a lot of family living there. We usually stay with his grandma, Mimi. She has a gorgeous home in Old Town that I of course didn’t take pictures of. Next time I promise!

I really wanted to go back to Dog Beach but we were told that the tide was too high, making it less than ideal conditions for Savannah to have any fun. We decided to take Savannah to the San Diego Zoo instead. It had been a few years since I last saw the zoo and Savannah doesn’t remember anything about the zoo in Orlando we were at in 2014.

San Diego Zoo

I had no idea that this year the San Diego Zoo is celebrating 100 years of being open!

San Diego Zoo

Savannah was so excited that she wasn’t being my good little model she normally is. I had to tell her to be serious so mommy could get a picture. Apparently she took being serious very.. seriously.

San Diego Zoo

Our first stop was the reptile house. Later I learned that when Paul was a kid this was always the first place he wanted to see when at the zoo. I find it so crazy how similar these two are! Like, can you be a little bit more like your mommy? Oh but wait, you through temper tantrums and are beyond moody.. Guess she is like me..

San Diego Zoo

The reptile house was the perfect place for us to start out at. Savannah was so excited about being at the zoo that she didn’t want to sit in her stroller. She enjoyed running from tank to tank pointing at the different things she saw. After all of the running looking at the lower half of the zoo she was tired enough to be content in her stroller. Being in the stroller really helped when it was time to see the larger animals.

San Diego Zoo

It was ridiculous trying to get this picture of her! There are some animals that draw huge crowds and the tigers are probably on the top of that list. And it’s not a huge crowd of polite people taking turns looking and getting pictures. It’s really rude people that don’t care if they push your child over because dammit they’re getting that tiger selfie no matter what. Get to the zoo early and see these animals first or go later in the evening when most people start to leave!

San Diego Zoo Baby Giraffe

Right now is the perfect time to be at the zoo because they have (drumroll please) a baby giraffe! Never in my life have I seen a baby giraffe and o m g is this sort of little thing cute! Savannah was completely mesmerized by seeing a giraffe in person. I don’t think she realized how big they actually are. Definitely something I might not ever see again!

San Diego Zoo Sky Lift

At the end we had two choices: Either walk all the way back down to the bottom of the zoo to leave (with a very tired toddler) OR ride the sky lift for two minutes back down. Of course I was all for walking back down. Walking is good for you! Paul and Savannah had other plans so I somewhat willingly went on the stupid sky lift. We folded up the stroller and I jumped on trying to not think about what I was doing. I managed to get one good picture before Paul started shaking the basket to freak me out. I called him a caring man earlier, I take that back! Savannah had a blast riding, as you can see.

Jimmy's Famous American Tavern

We definitely have our go-to restaurants in San Diego! For lunch we went to Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern. This place is straight from the Rustic Industrial Pintrest page. Adorably decorated and being right in the harbor, it’s at the perfect location. You’re welcome to bring your dogs with you when you dine outside and they even provide some dog bowls! We also love this place for Savannah. The kid’s menu is full of food I actually want her to eat and right next to the restaurant is a grassy area to play in while waiting for food. Another huge plus for us is that there are plenty of healthy options, like this salad I got, that are super tasty. Every time we’re in San Diego we come here. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it’s all great! Check it out!

Fish Market San Diego

The last few times we have come to San Diego we have had dinner at the Fish Market which is right on the bay next to the USS Midway Museum. This place is absolutely to die for! Be prepared for some crazy wait times because everyone comes here. The parking lot is pretty small but they do offer valet as well. With seafood I normally stick to things I already know I like. This weekend I wanted to try something new. I decided on the Pacific Rockfish that came with grilled veggies and their special house rice. I don’t like my fish to taste like fish and this didn’t at all. It was so good and almost buttery in taste. Definitely my new favorite fish!

The Fish Market is another restaurant that is great for kids. Every kid gets a free sundae when they order from the kid’s menu! Savannah wanted nothing to do with food though and slept through the entire dinner. Having skipped her usual nap time plus feeling under the weather since she came back from Christmas with her dad, all she wanted was some good sleep. Check it out here!

At first, I really didn’t want to go out of town and was just doing it to make Paul happy. In the end though I was really happy for the chance to occupy my mind with other things. I am grateful for Paul every single day and sometimes can’t believe that he puts up with me. I sure am lucky. Another thing I thought about was my desire to travel and see all that the world had to offer, even if that means a ridiculous plane ride is needed. But I realized that you can still see new and exciting things right here in our country. I got to see a baby giraffe. Even a road trip to a nearby state is seeing the world!


What are some of your favorite restaurants in San Diego? I’m always interested in trying new food or just food in a new atmosphere!

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